20 Obvious Things That Will Piss You Off When Someone Says Them

Ephraim Obare
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Obvious things that will piss you off when someone says them often include phrases that are patronizing, dismissive, or simply thoughtless.  We’ve all been there—someone says something so glaringly obvious it’s almost insulting. While probably intended to be helpful or enlightening, these statements often have the opposite effect.

20 Obvious Things That Will Piss You Off When Someone Says Them

They can be annoying, irritating, or downright infuriating. Prepare yourself to wince or roll your eyes as we explore 20 obvious statements that, when voiced aloud, will tick you off.

“Calm Down”

Obvious Things That Will Just Piss You Off When Someone Says Them
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This is often said when someone is visibly upset or angry, but instead of calming the person down, it usually leads to the opposite effect.

“You Don’t Look Sick”

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This can be extremely frustrating for people dealing with invisible illnesses. Just because someone looks okay doesn’t mean they are.

“Everything Happens for a Reason”

Taking Care of Yourself When Sick
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While this may be intended as comforting, it can often feel dismissive and invalidating of someone’s struggles.

“You’re So Skinny, You Should Eat More”

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Comments about body size can be very sensitive and often lead to discomfort.

“You Wouldn’t Understand, You’re Too Young”

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Age doesn’t necessarily equate to life experience or understanding.

“It’s Just a Phase”

“Are You Sure It’s Not Just a Phase?”
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Dismissing someone’s feelings or experiences as a phase can be extremely demeaning.

“You’ll Change Your Mind”

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This is often said to people about major life decisions and can feel very dismissive.

“But You Seemed Fine Yesterday”

“What if You Change Your Mind?”
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This is frustrating for people who deal with fluctuating health conditions.

“Money Can’t Buy Happiness”

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While true to some extent, this can also dismiss financial struggles.

“Just Try Harder”

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This oversimplifies complex problems and overlooks the effort someone might already be putting in.

“You’re Overreacting”

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This dismisses someone’s feelings and can make them feel like their reactions are invalid.

“You Always…” or “You Never…”

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These absolute statements can feel very unfair and frustrating.

“You’re So Lucky To Get To Stay In Bed All Day”

Call in sick
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This can be very frustrating for those who are bedridden due to illness, as it dismisses their struggle.

“Just Be Positive”

20 Things the World’s Healthiest People Share
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While positivity is important, it is not a cure-all, and this statement can dismiss serious issues.

“You Look Tired”

Entering adulthood often brings a constant feeling of tiredness due to various factors such as work stress, financial pressures, and social obligations. It's important to recognize this issue and take steps to improve your lifestyle or seek medical advice for overall wellbeing.
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This can come off as rude and invasive, even if it is said with good intentions.

“It Could Be Worse”

“It Could Be Worse”
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This often feels dismissive of someone’s current struggles.

“You’re So OCD”

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Photo Credit: Maria Kray via Canva


Using mental health conditions as adjectives can be offensive and misleading.

“Real Men/Women Do…”

“What Do Your Parents Think?”
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These statements perpetuate harmful gender stereotypes and expectations.

“Just Get Over It”

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This oversimplifies the complexities of emotions and mental health.

“It’s All in Your Head”

“I Don't Think We Need To Define Our Relationship”
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This dismisses the reality of someone’s experiences, particularly in terms of mental health.

These are examples of obvious things that will piss you off when someone says them. They are often mundane phrases or remarks that can provoke irritation due to their condescending, dismissive or thoughtless nature. Words like “I told you so,” “It could be worse,” or “It’s just a joke” can sour conversations and even relationships. The frustration these phrases evoke is a stark reminder of the importance of thoughtful communication, empathy, and respect for others’ feelings. By avoiding these potential conversation landmines, we can foster healthier and more positive interactions with those around us.

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