15 Lazy Jobs That Pay Big Bucks and Might Make You Rethink Your Entire Career Path

Ephraim Obare
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Who said sweat and toil are the only ways to get the big bucks? If you’ve been living under that belief, prepare to have your world turned upside down! Welcome to our guide on 15 of the cushiest jobs to make your bank account sing without breaking a sweat.

These careers redefine ‘work smart, not hard,’ and might inspire you to take a different path. So, please sit back, relax, and let us take you on a journey through the world of high-paying, low-stress jobs. It’s time to rethink your entire career path!

Professional Sleeper

Professional Sleeper
Maridav via canva.com

Yes, you read that right. To test the effects of various stimuli on sleep quality, companies are willing to pay you to catch some Z’s.

And the price tag? $14,000 per month! With perks like free room and board, it’s no wonder why some people are trading in their 9-5 for this dreamy job.

Video Game Tester

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LPETTET via Canva.com

If your thumbs are nimble and you love the virtual world, why not make a living from it? Companies pay well for gamers to test their latest creations for glitches.

You won’t make as much as a professional sleeper, but the pay ranges from $10 to $20 an hour. Plus, with new games every day, there’s always something to do!

Movie Extra

Movie Extra
EvgeniyShkolenko via canva.com

Want to see yourself on the big screen without the pressure of a leading role? Being a movie extra requires minimal effort and can have a decent payout. Movie extra gigs usually pay around $100 a day, so you can make some good money if you’re willing to do the work.

Plus, with movie extra gigs, you get to meet interesting people and explore different parts of the country or world!

TV Watcher

Image Credit: pablo_rodriguez1 via Canva.com

Imagine being paid for binge-watching your favorite shows. TV watchers are employed to watch and review content, aiding networks in deciding what to air.

TV watchers earn upwards of $50 an hour, and many companies offer flexible hours and remote work options. This could be a great way to make extra cash in your spare time!

Luxury House Sitter

Luxury House Sitter
Irina88w via canva.com

While the homeowners are off vacationing, someone must keep an eye on their mansion. House-sitting can be a hefty earner, with the bonus of living in luxury.

If you have a knack for caring for other people’s homes, this could be the perfect gig job for you! You can earn anywhere from $25 to $200 per night, depending on the size and location of the house.

Professional Cuddler

Professional Cuddler
StudioRoman via canva.com

In an increasingly disconnected world, the role of a professional cuddler has emerged. Clients pay for the comfort of human touch.

You get to set your hours and rules as a professional cuddler. It’s an unconventional job, but it can be pretty lucrative, with rates up to $80 per hour. Plus, the job offers flexibility and a unique experience.

Dog Walker

BlueBird from Pexels via canva.com

If you’re a dog lover, this is your calling. Walking dogs for busy owners can rake in a surprising amount of dough.

You can charge anywhere from $10 to $30 per hour. This job is also quite flexible, and you can spend time with furry friends.

Virtual Assistant

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Hispanolistic via Canva.com

A virtual assistant is like having an extra pair of hands without hiring someone full-time. You can help with scheduling, email management, data entry, and more. As more businesses move online, there is a growing demand for virtual assistants.

The rate for virtual assistants can vary depending on the job but usually falls between $15 to $50 per hour. It’s a great way to make money from home without leaving your house.


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Nortonrsx via canva.com

If you can find an audience for your everyday life, vlogging on platforms like YouTube can generate significant income through ad revenue and sponsorships.

Vlogging is also great if you have a specialty skill. You can create content around a specific topic and become an influencer.

Personal Shopper

macniac via canva.com

If you know your Prada from your Primark, consider becoming a personal shopper. Retail therapy and getting paid? Yes, please.

You can work for yourself or find a job with a personal shopping company. You’ll get to help people accessorize their outfits, assemble new looks, and ensure they look great. You can also be a mystery shopper and get paid to shop and provide feedback on the customer service experience. It’s a shopper’s paradise.

Food Taster

Adventurous Eating
Pixelshot via canva.com

Having a refined palate could earn you money. From quality control in factories to restaurant menu development, food tasting is the job of dreams for foodies. You’ll get to sample new foods and dishes while earning a paycheck. It’s the best of both worlds!

Jane Freiman, former director of the Campbell’s Soup Co says, “Learning how to describe foods and their attributes is a key part of the role. For example, I cannot just say a product tastes ‘good.’ But I can describe a lemon with (it’s sweet but tart with a harsh bite)”


Halfpoint via canva.com

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit but don’t have the funds to start your own business, dropshipping might be the ideal option. Dropshipping is a type of e-commerce in which you act as a middleman between the manufacturer and the customer.

You’ll handle sales, delivery, and returns while earning a commission for each successful transaction. All it takes is an online store and some basic marketing skills!

Online Surveys

Online Surveys
Juststock via canva.com

Companies value customer feedback. Filling out online surveys in your spare time can be a simple way to earn extra cash. Many survey sites are free to join, so you can start earning immediately.

You’ll get paid for your opinion and help businesses improve their products and services. It’s a great way to make extra side income without too much effort.

Voice Over Artist

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89Stocker via Canva.com

Got a distinctive voice? Voice over work for commercials or animation can be a fun and lucrative gig. You can find clients on freelance sites like Fiverr, or set up your own website to showcase your portfolio.

You can also create audio books for Audible and iTunes. If you get good reviews from customers, you’ll be able to start charging top rates for your services.

Social Media Manager

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ismagilov via Canva.com

If you know your tweets from your posts, consider becoming a social media manager. The job pays well and lets you scroll through Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms all day, every day.

You’ll need to be able to create content, respond to customer queries, and generate leads. Clients are usually willing to pay more for experienced professionals who can help them grow their presence online.

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