12 Common Choices in Life That Are Actually Really Bad

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Life is a series of choices. It’s like standing in line at a buffet, plate in hand, staring at the vast array of options, all while attempting to balance the mac and cheese so you still have room for the fried chicken. But here’s the kicker: What if some of these delicious-looking choices are bad for you?

Here are 12 common life choices that, on the surface, seem as delightful as a hot fudge sundae but might just be disguising their downsides like a Trojan horse of regret. So, grab your fork (or your life decisions), and let’s dig in!

Choosing Comfort Over Growth

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Choosing comfort over growth is like wearing your favorite pair of worn-out slippers over a new pair of shoes. Sure, they’re cozy, familiar, and require zero effort to slide into, but they’re not going to take you very far or anywhere particularly interesting.

On the other hand, growth might be like a new pair of shoes — a bit stiff and uncomfortable at first, but with a bit of wear. They’ll take you places you never imagined you’d go. So, lace up your courage, step out of your comfort zone, and embark on the exhilarating journey of personal growth — it’s worth the occasional blister.

Relying on Others for Happiness

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And so, we turn to one of the grandest illusions of our times: entrusting your bliss to others. This choice is akin to expecting a penguin to teach you how to fly. The penguin waddles adorably and swims with finesse, but it’s grounded when it comes to soaring in the skies.

Like our flightless friends, others can add value to our lives but can’t pilot our happiness. Remember, your joy is a DIY project. You’ve got to grab the hammer and nails of self-love and build your sanctuary of happiness.

Avoiding Risk at All Costs

Not Taking Risks
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Playing it safe might seem like the sensible choice, but let’s be honest–life isn’t a game of chess where you can avoid risk with a well-timed pawn move. Sure, tucking ourselves comfortably into our cocoon of certainty feels cozy, but where’s the fun in that?

Instead of truly living, we’re just existing. And honestly, who wants to look back and realize they’ve spent their entire life on the sidelines? Certainly not you, right? “When you take risks and they work out, they lead to new capabilities you never saw before.” – Tom Soderstrom, chief technology and innovation officer, office of the CIO, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Focusing on the Past or Future, Not the Present

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The irresistible allure of the past and future is a double-edged sword that either drowns us in nostalgia or catapults us into daydreams about the future. Granted, a trip down memory lane can be a comforting blanket on a bad day, just as the thrill of plans can give us that much-needed adrenaline shot.

Let’s not forget about the present. Immersing ourselves too much in the “what was” or the “what could be” can leave us blind to the “what is.” Life, after all, is happening right now, in the middle of your sigh about yesterday and your daydream about tomorrow. You’re not a time traveler. Stay grounded in the now.

Comparing Yourself to Others

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It’s a wild ride, this game of comparing ourselves to others. It’s like purchasing a first-class ticket on the “Self-Esteem Plummet Express.” At some point, we’ve all been guilty of ogling our neighbor’s shiny new car or stalking an old schoolmate’s seemingly perfect life on social media.

But here’s the reality check: measuring our worth based on someone else’s highlight reel is an exercise in futility. It’s a self-defeating cycle that fuels dissatisfaction and fails to account for the hidden struggles everyone endures. Dance to your rhythm and let the comparison game be another person’s wrong decision.

Trying to Please Everyone

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Here’s a universal truth: attempting to please everyone is the world’s worst merry-go-round. It’s an exhausting, never-ending ride that leaves you dizzy and disappointed. The reality? You’re not a pizza dripping with cheesy goodness that no one can resist.

It’s okay (and inevitable) not to be everyone’s favorite flavor. Ditch the crowd-pleasing act and discover the joy of being unapologetically you.

Neglecting Your Health

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Oh, the good old “I’ll start my diet next Monday” routine! It’s incredible how we consciously neglect our health, knowing what’s at stake very well. We prioritize work, partying, or binge-watching the latest Netflix series (guilty as charged!) over a good night’s sleep or a balanced diet.

Neglecting your health is a VIP ticket to a future packed with medical appointments and empty wallets. Remember, health is wealth, and that’s not just some fancy rhyming phrase!

Chasing Money, Not Passion

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Chasing money like a hound on the hunt seems like the logical choice. After all, bills won’t pay themselves, right?

But here’s the twist! When we put the pursuit of money above our passions, we might just wake up one day in a golden cage with the unsettling realization that those shiny coins were merely fool’s gold. Money can’t buy passion. Don’t trade your passion for a paycheck.

Ignoring Personal Growth

Neglecting Personal Growth
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Who needs it, right? After all, is life not perfect the way we are? Let’s forget about learning new skills, fostering emotional intelligence, or trying to understand ourselves better.

But remember, while it’s cozy in that bubble, it’s also incredibly dull and limiting. Ignoring personal growth might feel safe, but it’s akin to choosing to live in a tiny, self-made prison.

Thinking You Don’t Have Enough Time

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Are you constantly racing against time? Well, welcome to the club! Our obsession with being busy often clouds our judgment, making us feel we’re short on time.

But here’s a newsflash: everyone has the same 24 hours daily! It’s not about having time; it’s about making time. So, next time you find yourself humming this age-old excuse, remember it’s a catchy tune with awful lyrics.

Not Expressing Your Feelings

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Africa images via canva.com

Not expressing your feelings, now there’s a choice many of us make that’s as tasty as a stale sandwich. While it seems like the easy route – no confrontation, no awkward convos – it’s like eating junk food for comfort. It feels good at the moment but harms us in the long haul.

Bottling up emotions is like shaking a soda can. Sooner or later, it’s going to explode. Eventually, it’s going to explode.

Ignoring Your Dreams

12 Common Choices in Life That Are Actually Really Bad
markgrafs Images via canva.com

Ignoring your dreams is like treating an art masterpiece as a dorm room poster. Dreams are our vision board, the ultimate guide to who we can be. Tucking them away, dismissing them as impractical or foolish, is an injustice to our potential.

It’s like telling Monet he’d be better off painting fences! Dreams aren’t just for kids. Remember, you’re never too old to set another goal or dream a new one.

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