20 Beloved Boomer Things That Modern Tech Has Regrettably Replaced. Oops!

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Step into the time machine, folks! Let’s rewind a few decades and visit a time when life was less pixelated. A realm where phone calls didn’t drop (because the phones were connected with wires), when listening to music involved a physical activity (remember flipping a record?), and when maps were spread out on laps, not held in the palm.

Director’s cut to the present day: We’re in the era of digital dominance, where technology has replaced many beloved boomer things. Are we better off for it? Well, opinions may vary. Here are “20 Beloved Boomer Things That Modern Tech Has Regrettably Replaced:

Rotary Dial Phones

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oleyaneromenkophotos via Canva.com

Remember when making a call was a mini-workout for your fingers? Rotary phones were sturdy, reliable, and had a satisfyingly mechanical feel. They’ve been replaced by sleek, glass touchscreen devices that do more than call.

Vinyl Records

Vinyl Records
Egle_pe via canva.com

The rich, warm sound of a vinyl record is unmatched. Modern digital music is convenient but can’t replicate that nostalgic feel.


27 Forgotten Household Items from the Past
Ron Lach via Canva.com

The tactile feedback, the rhythmic sound, the tangible result – typing on a typewriter was an experience. Computers have made organizing more accessible, but it’s just not the same.

Physical Books

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Photo: © clu via canva.com

Ebooks may save trees, but nothing can replace the smell of a new book or the sensation of turning a page.

Film Photography

16 Useless Baby Boomer Life Skills
provided by anatols via canva.com

In the age of digital cameras and smartphones, we’ve lost the anticipation of waiting for photos to develop. That makes film photography something special.

VHS and Cassette Tapes

12 Things Only People Who Grew up in the 70s Will Understand
Photo: © Przemek Klos via canva.com

Streaming services are excellent, but they can’t replicate the joy of browsing through video rental stores or rewinding a cassette with a pencil.

Handwritten Letters

Handwritten Letters
baseimage via canva.com

Emails and instant messaging are efficient, but they lack the personal touch of pen on paper. Writing letters by hand is a thoughtful way to stay connected.

Paper Maps

25 Things From the 90s That Are Now Considered Vintage
Photo: © Andrew Neel from Pexels via canva.com

GPS makes navigation a breeze but also robs us of the thrill and skill of reading a map. Getting lost on a paper map can be an adventure.


20 Things That Boomers Think Are Cool, but Aren’t
Photo: © Nur Kayat’s Images via canva.com

The Internet has replaced the need for these hefty tomes, but there was something gratifying about flipping through an encyclopedia.


Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels via canva.com

Scrolling through the news on a screen can’t compete with the rustle of a broadsheet and the smudge of ink on your fingers. Paper newspapers give you a more tangible connection to the news.

Board Games

27 Forgotten Household Items from the Past
cottonbro studio via Canva.com

Playing games on a laptop or tablet is not quite the same as gathering around a physical board game and rolling dice with friends.

Board games make it easier to socialize and build relationships in person. Video games may be flashier, but they can’t replicate the camaraderie of a board game night.

Tube TV

Tube TV
Maksim T. via canva.com

Flat screens may be superior in every way, but the tube TV symbolizes a simpler time. The bulky box has a certain retro charm, and its fuzzy picture makes it unique.

Analog Clocks

Analogue Clocks
Rattanakun via canva.com

Digital displays have replaced these. No more reading time; it’s just spelled out for us. Analog clocks are more interesting, and they can help us develop the skills of reading time.

They may also save us from being late for our appointments! Watching the hour and minute hands move around the clock can be very calming.


16 Useless Baby Boomer Life Skills
provided by Andrey Popov via canva.com

Cell phones have made communication on the go possible, but the reliability of a landline during power outages is missed. The sound of it ringing and the feeling of picking up a receiver to call someone is also nostalgic.

Floppy Disks

Floppy Disks
Undefined Undefined via canva.com

USB drives and cloud storage are far more practical, but the satisfying click of closing a floppy disk drive is a lost sensation.

Dial-up Internet

Dial-up Internet
Viktorya S. from Pexels via canva.com

OK, maybe not beloved, but the screech of a connecting modem was the sound of the internet frontier.

It’s impossible to forget the long wait times for web pages to load. Still, it was exciting when they finally did!

Pay Phones

Mathew Thomas’s Images via canva.com

A lifeline in times before the mobile phone, their disappearance is a symbol of a bygone era. Remember the thrill of calling a friend or family member whose number you had memorized? Those days are now truly gone.

Manual Cars

16 Useless Baby Boomer Life Skills
provided by Aleksandr via canva.com

Automatics may be easier, but controlling a manual gearbox is a pleasure lost to many. The mechanical symphony of shifting gears, the act of feeling the car move – from push-start to parking brake, is an experience that will never die for passionate drivers.

Slide Projectors

27 Forgotten Household Items from the Past
enzodebernardo via Canva.com

There’s something intimate about gathering around a slide projector that a PowerPoint presentation can’t match.

Record Stores

Record Stores
Funky-Data via canva.com

Browsing online music services can’t replicate the pleasure of flipping through crates of vinyl at a record store.

The smell of the wax, the thrill of the hunt for a rare find – it’s an experience that still draws music fans in search of something special.

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